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Jon Stubblefield
7-Figure Amazon Seller 98% seller Rating

The Cahoot WareEx Program has quickly proven to be a necessity for us to grow market share in our very crowded category” 

“Cahoot is changing the game for online retailers. With Cahoot, merchants can turn shipping from a burden to a true competitive advantage, which translate into more sales opportunities.” 

Scott Brown
Marketplace Manager, Adorama Camera
Over 1 Billion Online Sales

Find out how much you can save on shipping costs by joining WareEx


Nationwide 1-day or 2-day shipping!

Find out how much you can save on shipping costs by joining WareEx

See how multiple locations can drive down your shipping costs and decrease transit time

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With economic headwinds coming, every penny counts. Contact us today for a free, no-obligations Shipping & Fulfillment Savings Analysis. We’ll find where you can save to expand the bottom line – without sacrificing quality.

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Discover how much you can save by having additional carriers & services

Make smarter decisions by comparing fulfillment fees across your 3PL fulfillment services.

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"Cahoot definitely under-promises and over-delivers. They’ve helped us reduce our shipping costs for one of our major product lines by 30%”

~ Kris K, BatteryJack

We analyze your historical shipments and compare how much you would have saved if you had shipped orders using highly discounted carrier rates.


Deliver Faster and Cheaper with Additional Warehouse Locations

We process your historical shipment data and estimate how much you would save by strategically adding warehouses across the country.

Slash Shipping Costs with Ideal Inventory Placement

A distant customer is expensive due to high shipping zones. We'll show you exactly where to expand to minimize cost.

Win More Customers with Fast Delivery

A distant customer is hard to win due to long delivery times. We'll show you how to cut delivery times to 1 & 2 days while always using ground shipping.


Let Data Help You Choose the Best 3PL for Your Business

Some fulfillment services are tailored for single-item purchases, which leads to massively inflated fees when fulfilling multi-line and multi-quantity orders.

Make Confident Data-Driven Decisions

Take a deeper look at the kinds of orders you're getting, how it impacts your total cost of fulfillment, and potential savings.

Your Shipment Profile

Different carriers specialize in different shipment weights. Make sure you're using the right carrier for each order type.

Frequency of Multi-Unit Orders

Frequency of Multi-SKU Orders

Many fulfillment services quote low pick & pack rates up front, but they hide inflated costs for "each additional pick" in an order.

Some fulfillment services optimize heavily for single item orders. If your customers order product bundles, you'll pay way more.

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"It took me about 5 minutes to send them the info they needed, and then I got a great report. We realized we're paying way too much to the  carriers and we'll be able to get about 15% back on our shipping costs."

~ Impala Parts