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Jon Stubblefield
7-Figure Amazon Seller 98% seller Rating

The Cahoot WareEx Program has quickly proven to be a necessity for us to grow market share in our very crowded category” 

“Cahoot is changing the game for online retailers. With Cahoot, merchants can turn shipping from a burden to a true competitive advantage, which translate into more sales opportunities.” 

Scott Brown
Marketplace Manager, Adorama Camera
Over 1 Billion Online Sales

Find out how much you can save on shipping costs by joining WareEx

Nationwide 1-day or 2-day shipping!

Find out how much you can save on shipping costs by joining WareEx

Which carriers, marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms does Cahoot support?

Out of the box, Cahoot integrates with all marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and carriers. It even integrates with your custom software via our API. For a full list visit our Cahoot Partners page.

How quickly can I start shipping with Cahoot’s shipping software?

We focus on getting you up and shipping on your highest-volume sales channel within 2-3 hours. From there we add additional sales channels as quickly as your schedule allows. And, because Cahoot Shipping eliminates the need to configure complex shipping rules and automates routing and lowest-cost label assignment, your team can learn to use Cahoot in minutes!

How does Cahoot Shipping help me increase my same-day shipping capacity?

Cahoot saves time and lowers labor costs by empowering you to start picking orders the first thing in the morning and to extend your same-day shipping cut-off time. In fact, Cahoot generates labels 21X faster than ShipStation.

Here’s how it works; The second a new order arrives, Cahoot Shipping gets to work. Each order is automatically assigned to the best shipping location and the lowest-cost label based on your negotiated rates and the promised delivery date. Simply click “Print Labels”, and you can start shipping last night’s orders at 8 am, and immediately ship new orders that come in throughout the day.

Gone are the days of tediously scrolling through and filtering orders, manually checking shipping rates, and waiting for labels to print. With Cahoot, merchants report cutting labor costs in half and doubling their same-day shipping capacity.

How does Cahoot assure that I always get the lowest-cost labels?

Cahoot automatically rate-shops each package and assigns the lowest-cost label that delivers your package on time based on your negotiated rates - no more complex shipping rules, cumbersome manual workflows, and human error. Cahoot’s machine learning even recommends alternative packing and carriers based on previous label costs.

What’s the difference between the Cahoot network and Cahoot shipping software?

Cahoot’s platform is a peer-to-peer fulfillment network where top-rated merchants share warehouse space and fulfillment services with one another.

Cahoot’s shipping software is next-generation e-commerce shipping software for high-volume merchants.

Merchants can use either or both. Our fastest-growing clients use both.

How does Cahoot help me deliver a better customer experience?

Cahoot’s barcode scan verification improves order accuracy by reducing human error, so your customers get exactly what they ordered. Plus, Cahoot shipping includes a custom-branded tracking page, continuous monitoring, and proactive notifications for both merchants and customers. Real-time notifications for things like delivery attempts and carrier-related delays keep your phone from ringing and optimize your customer’s buying experience.

How does Cahoot help me stay on top of shipping performance and tracking?

With Cahoot’s end-to-end monitoring, and dashboards you have unsurpassed insight into the performance of your warehouses, partners, and carriers. With Cahoot you can quickly identify any shipping delays or carrier billing issues so you’re always on top of every shipment.

How does Cahoot help streamline order routing to my shipping locations?

The second an order arrives, Cahoot Shipping automatically routes it to the fastest, lowest cost shipping location - and assigns the lowest-cost label. Gone are the days of manually searching and assigning orders to the best shipping location!

How does Cahoot help assure shipping accuracy?

Cahoot’s barcode scan verification improves order accuracy by reducing human error. With Cahoot, your customers get exactly what they ordered, butting you one step closer to another great review.

If I’m not happy with Cahoot Shipping, can I  go back to my old software?

We’re sure that you’ll be delighted with how easy it is to cut labor costs in half and double same-day-shipping capacity, but if you’re not happy, you can switch back in minutes - with no disruption of shipping.

How does Cahoot Shipping help me get and keep my Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) badge?

Cahoot is Amazon Buy certified, giving you access to Amazon Buy rates and estimated delivery date (EDD) insights. Our fully automated software gives you significantly more time in your day to comply with Amazon SFP’s 99%> on-time shipping requirement, and built-in barcode scan verification minimizes human error helping you stay under SFP’s <1% defect rate requirement.