Multiply Your Sales Through Nationwide Prime, at Zero Additional Costs

Getting your Seller-Fulfilled-Prime (SFP) badge all over the country doesn’t have to come at massive cost or profitability. Our peer-to-peer network of top-rated sellers helps you fulfill orders nationwide without the high cost or the commitment of owning/renting multiple warehouses

The Cahoot WareEx Program has quickly proven to be a necessity for us to grow market share in our very crowded category” 

Jon Stubblefield
7-Figure Seller, 98% Seller Rating

All The Features You Need to Win in the Market

Ship Accurately and On-Time Every Time, Zero Compromise

You will only work with Cahoot-certified sellers, hand-picked and vetted to meet Cahoot’s stringent standards of quality and security. Sellers in the network have a proven track record of handling Prime orders with the utmost care and precision, so they know picking and packing better than any 3PL, mall, or warehouse company. They also know what it means to ship and deliver on time, every time.

Cahoot monitors all network activity to ensure all orders are picked and packed accurately and shipped on-time. If they are not, we will 'Make It Right' and independently expedite the order to your customer by the promised delivery date. Fees and penalties are assessed for performance violations, repeat offenders are suspended or removed from the network.

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You’ll always make informed decisions on how much inventory to send and where with our artificial intelligent systems.

Boost Your Sales, Join Us Now 


“I joined the Cahoot Network because I want to get in on the ground floor of a massive disruption and seize an unfair advantage”

Halim Yilmaz
7-Figure Seller, 96% Seller Rating

“Cahoot is changing the game for online retailers. With Cahoot, merchants turn shipping from a burden to a true competitive advantage and more sales opportunities.” 

Scott Brown
Over $1Bn online sales, 97% Rating

WareEx taps into the warehouses of top-rated Amazon sellers working together across the country to provide fast shipping. You will fulfill orders for the network. In exchange, other sellers will store, pick, pack, and ship your goods on your behalf.

With every seller participating in the workshare program, the costs of fulfilling your orders is offset by you fulfilling the orders for others on the network. This enables you to deliver orders nationwide within 1 day or 2 days via economical ground shipping without making any additional investments or incurring more fixed costs.

Get the Nationwide Footprint but None of the Costs

Unlike other services that require you to give up your hard-earned relationship with carriers, WareEx lets you continue shipping using your carrier account and negotiated shipping rates. 

Maintain Your Carrier Accounts and Discounted Rates

So many sellers swear by the magic of having the prime badge. Amazon claims sellers can increase sales by 50%. Some sellers have even grown their topline by 2-3x. Imagine what you can achieve with nationwide Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)! 

No need to limit yourself to just regional SFP for select small and light items. Go big and go bold. Even include your large and heavy SKUs. Free 2-day shipping at the price of ground (or less) is now possible.

Multiply Sales 3x Through Nationwide Seller Fulfilled Prime

WareEx uses the same performance metrics as SFP. You can rest assured that any Cahoot-certified sellers who ships for you is best-in-class. We verify and track these metrics every single day.

We take performance very seriously, and our pricing model reflects that. You will be rewarded with our highest service discount for consistently high performance. On the other hand, poor performance will not only get you lower discounts but also get you excluded from the network. This means every participant has skin in the game and incentivized to ship accurately and on-time.

Governed by the Industry's Most Demanding Standards

Ingeniously Tailored to Drive High Performance

Only the Very Best Sellers will Have Access to the Network

AI-Powered Inventory Distribution

Only the Top-Rated Partners

Your products are in good hands while being stored and handled by top-rated sellers across the country.

Highly Flexible, Super Scalable

No minimums, no long-term commitments. Add new warehouses whenever and wherever you need.

Keep Your Carriers and Discounted Rates

Unlike other services, you can keep shipping with your existing carriers and negotiated rates.

Advanced Monitoring and Notification

We continuously monitor all activities in the network and take corrective action before issues turn into problems.

Backed by Cahoot Shipping Guarantee

Cahoot guarantees all of your orders will be shipped accurately & on time. If not, we'll make-it-right.

Getting Started is Fast and Easy

Intro Call

Tell us about your business and your your sales/profit goals

~1 hour


Connect your Amazon & carrier accounts to WareEx 

~30 minutes


We’ll help you to make the most of your participation

2-3 hours

Distribute Inventory

Send your inventory into warehouses in the network

Depends on you

Go Nationwide

Activate your prime badge and start multiplying your sales!

~24h after inventory arrival


Advanced Tracking and Monitoring, Ensuring Reliability

From inbound shipping to post-purchase, we make sure everything flows smoothly. We monitor all network activities 24/7/365 for any potential issues, so we can take corrective actions before such issues become a problem for you.

3.64 Days Faster
Average Time Savings


1,394 Miles Less
Average Distance Savings

- Per order across all customers

59% Cheaper Shipping
Average Dollar Savings

- OZ Medical

Show FAQs

Zero Additional Cost? Really?

Yes, really. Because sellers on the Cahoot network work together “for each other,” the cost of fulfilling your orders is paid in-kind with you fulfilling orders for the network. So now, you can offer 2-day or even 1-day free shipping without worrying about your bottom line!

Which SKUs are eligible to be shipped to partner warehouses?

Most SKUs work well with Cahoot. However, some inventory types are discouraged: hazardous, contains alcohol, requires special storage (e.g., refrigeration, temperature-controlled, dry, etc.) or soon to expire. Currently, we are not offering assembly, kitting, or bundling services.

Cahoot even helps you spot the SKUs with the maximum potential for sales in new geographies. Sellers can influence this decision but Cahoot will prioritize fast-moving SKUs with high potential.

Should I worry about partners becoming my competitors?

Not at all, Cahoot specifically chooses partners that do not compete with your products. Our policy strictly prohibits them from carrying (sell on any platform) any of your WareEx ASINs at any time during their participation in WareEx and for 12 months following their exit.

Partners never get access to your customers’ personal information such as email, phone, or even their last name. Our policy also prohibits partners from making any customer contact at any time.


Have further questions? Contact us

Will this create unequal work among partners?

No, we understand that fulfillment excellence requires careful planning of resources and labor. That's why we make sure partners only ship as many packages as their desired capacity. Optionally, if you'd like to fulfill more packages and create an additional source of revenue, please contact us.

What are Cahoot-certified warehouses?

Every warehouse within our network is Cahoot-certified, meaning each has gone through regular in-person inspection for excellent storage practices and picking-and-packing standards. This ensures all of your orders will be fulfilled on time, every time. Because only high-performing warehouses can be part of the network.

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