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Jon Stubblefield
7-Figure Amazon Seller 98% seller Rating

The Cahoot WareEx Program has quickly proven to be a necessity for us to grow market share in our very crowded category” 

“Cahoot is changing the game for online retailers. With Cahoot, merchants can turn shipping from a burden to a true competitive advantage, which translate into more sales opportunities.” 

Scott Brown
Marketplace Manager, Adorama Camera
Over 1 Billion Online Sales

Find out how much you can save on shipping costs by joining WareEx


Nationwide 1-day or 2-day shipping!

Find out how much you can save on shipping costs by joining WareEx

How does peer-to-peer fulfillment work?

 It’s easy - send us inventory, connect your accounts, and then as orders flow in, we’ll make sure the product gets to the customer quickly and affordably, every time. 

Do I have to fulfill orders for others to join?

Nope! We’re happy for merchants to join our network just for fulfillment services. Though if you have extra fulfillment capacity and excellent metrics, you should apply to become a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner. 

Do I work with other merchants directly, or does Cahoot handle logistics?

Cahoot’s intelligent fulfillment software makes the whole network work at peak effectiveness, so we will be your single point of contact. Your inventory will likely be placed with a few different merchants, but you’ll only ever work with Cahoot to keep things simple and easy. 


Can merchants really fulfill as well as 3PLs or Amazon?
They don’t just do as well as the other guys – they do better. Our network supports Seller Fulfilled Prime, which has the highest bar for success in the industry. 

How do you protect my privacy?

We go further than other 3PLs to protect merchant privacy and data. For instance, when a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner receives instructions to fulfill your order, they don’t get the customer’s full name on the shipping label - just first name and last initial.

Our peer-to-peer model fuels a large and ever-growing network of fulfillment centers with a lower operations cost – which we pass on to our customers. 

Don’t believe us? Give us a competitive quote. We’ll beat it. 

We built our network to empower entrepreneurs and combat the skyrocketing rent and labor costs that are squeezing 3PLs. Built for efficiency, our software helps merchant-owned warehouses process 3x more orders than the facility next door.

We Pass the Savings to You

You might wonder how peer-to-peer fulfillment compares to a traditional 3PL. You’re right to wonder, but there’s no comparison. Peer-to-peer is superior!

With us, you get 2PM Cutoffs, Barcode Scanning, Weekend Fulfillment, and more. Advanced monitoring and patented technology ensure zero-defect fulfillment. You’ll spend less time managing operations, because we’ve got it covered.

Industry's Highest SLA

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Get Better Ecommerce Fulfillment

Fast Ecommerce Fulfillment

Lowest Cost by Design

On-time Shipments

On Shopify and Amazon Marketplace

Reach 99% of the US with 1-day or 2-day delivery and watch your growth take off!.

No matter where your customers are, our extensive footprint of fulfillment locations ensures that your products will be delivered quickly and at low economy shipping rates.

Turn on fast shipping badges and reap the rewards.  

Nationwide 2-Day Coverage

We don’t just claim to provide high-quality fulfillment; we prove it every day by giving you a dashboard that shows you everything that’s happening in real time. You’ll know exactly where your inventory is, where your orders are shipping from, and how we’re doing on speed and accuracy.

It isn’t just up to you, though – Cahoot’s dedicated service team monitors network activity and proactively notifies you of challenges and solutions. If it’s not shipped on time, we make it right.

Worry Free Reliability

Your Fulfillment Needs Covered

Any Way You Want It


Extend Existing Fulfillment Operations

Add fulfillment capacity in select geographies. Fulfill from cheapest location - yours or ours.

Simplify your operations and reduce total logistics costs by consolidating under one roof. 

You do all the selling; we'll do all the shipping. Simple, reliable and affordable. 

Fully Outsourced Ecommerce Fulfillment

Full-Service Fulfillment (B2B & B2C)

Talk to a Fulfillment Expert

I highly recommend Cahoot to anyone looking to outsource fulfillment for their business. They go above and beyond to help make sure your needs as a business are met.

They have made fulfillment effortless. I recommend them to anyone looking for a great genuine business partner while looking to scale their business through outsourcing fulfillment.

- Derek Garcia

GN Products

Cahoot is a reliable company, very responsive and really organize in all aspects. Everything is prepared and studied to give anyone the best experience ever.

We suggest this Company and we are sure you'll find the right business partner to accomplish your business purpose.

- Alessandro Clemente

Italian Food Online Store

Since working with Cahoot, their customer service has been nothing but exceptional. They really make you feel like you’re in good hands and ensure to make your life easier.

The service is affordable, reliable and highly scalable so you don't feel concerned about growth. Cahoot is organized in all aspects and you can definitely trust them to complete the job at hand!

- Ben Hartshorn


Always a Human to Help

Say goodbye to waiting in endless ticket queues and clueless “support” reps.
Whenever you need help, you can go right to your dedicated contact at Cahoot. Get self-help on our support portal or contact us by email, chat message, phone, or helpdesk ticket. Whatever you prefer, we’ll be there for you.

Life as an ecommerce seller can be hectic, so we take all the busy work out of integration.
Connect your sales channels to Cahoot with just a few clicks, and then we’ll handle the rest.

Need more advanced integrations across your tech stack? No problem – we’ll collaborate with you to make sure the data flows automatically and error-free.

No Hassle, Powerful Integrations

Getting Started is Quick and Easy

Go live in 2 weeks or less

Connect Accounts & Ship Your Inventory

Training & Onboarding

You're All Set to Ship

Connect your sales channels so Cahoot can process your orders using the cheapest shipping rates. 

We’ll make sure you understand how the Cahoot software works and train you on the relevant features.

That’s it! You’re ready to start shipping with Cahoot. Technical support is available 24/7 to ensure your success.

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Talk to a Fulfillment Expert

Today we are dealing with a snow storm in NY and limited warehouse capabilities due to staffing and carrier issues. Hence, we were planning on turning off all sales on Amazon and other channels. But, we are thrilled to say that we don’t have to stop taking orders or lose sales momentum. This was all possible because of Cahoot. They were able to route all the orders to be fulfilled by Cahoot network partners while my internal operations recover.