Cahoot monitors all network activity to ensure all orders are picked and packed accurately and shipped on-time. If they are not, we will 'Make It Right' and independently expedite the order to your customer by the promised delivery date. Fees and penalties are assessed for performance violations, repeat offenders are suspended or removed from the network.

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Help Your Customers Succeed while Growing Your Volume

Cahoot is the world’s first (patented) peer-to-peer order fulfillment network. Via our trusted network of fulfillment partners, FedEx customers can offer 2-day and 1-day shipping nationwide. Best of all, every label is generated on the customers’ own carrier account, so FedEx doesn't lose volume to FBA or 3PL services.

Protect Your Accounts & Grow Volume

With Cahoot all FedEx billing goes through your customers’ existing FedEx accounts. No need to worry about losing billing or shipping spend erosion to traditional 3PLs.

Complement The FedEx OneRate Program

With Cahoot, Customers save shipping costs by being closer to customers. So customers can affordably offer fast shipping on items that don't fit OneRate.

Offer a 3PL Alternative

Worried about losing business to 3PLs or warehouse networks like UPS’ Ware2Go? Cahoot delivers the same nationwide fulfillment benefits with a lower overall cost.

Enhance Your Customer Relationship

Add Value - Not Discounts

Giving your customers the competitive advantage of nationwide fast and free shipping is a great way to enhance your relationship as a trusted advisor.

With the Cahoot peer-to-peer nationwide fulfillment, you can help your customers optimize their 2-day and 1-day shipping costs - without added discounts.


Who Can Benefit Most From Cahoot?

Which of your accounts has one or more of these fulfillment challenges?

  • Primarily eCommerce orders (we support B2B replenishment and FBA forwarding, but not as a primary service)

  • Typically ships 3,000+ parcels per month (looking to outsource 1,000+ parcels per month)

  • Has high-velocity SKUs to outsource

  • Most orders are single line, single qty

  • No hazmat 

Do they meet the basic qualifications in terms of shipping volume and high-velocity SKUs?

  • Searching for an affordable nationwide fast shipping solution

  • Frustrated with growing operational complexity from multichannel sales and fulfillment

  • Looking to reduce reliance on Amazon  

  • Struggling to meet New Amazon SFP requirements or their account is suspended

  • Looking to reduce costs on non OneRate packages

Nice to Have

  • Has more than 1,000 packages per month to zones 4+
  • Has 1 or 2 warehouses, so an additional Cahoot warehouse(s) can meaningfully improve transit time and/or shipping spend

Nationwide 1-Day and 2-Day Coverage

Using multiple fulfillment locations is the only way to profitably offer nationwide fast and free shipping. With Cahoot, you can ship 2-day & 1-day for less than the cost of ground.

Industry's Highest Fulfillment Standards

Cahoot Merchants are highly vetted and proficient at meeting Amazon SFP requirements. Cahoot offers same-day fulfillment Mon-Sat, and boasts a track record of 99.95% on-time shipping with 99.99% order accuracy.  

Affordable Fulfillment for All Sales Channels - All The Time

Cahoot offers the same affordable fulfillment costs for all your sales channels; Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and even your own website. No peak-season surcharges. 

Reduce Costs on Non-OneRate SKUs

Outsource Using Your Negotiated Rates

With Cahoot, you save shipping costs by being closer to customers. So you can affordably offer fast shipping on items that don't fit OneRate.

Keep your negotiated rates and increase your buying power with higher shipping volume. Don't lose your volume when you outsource fulfillment.

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A large majority of our sales are Amazon SFP, and most of those orders ship via FedEx OneRate. With SFP’s new 1-day delivery requirements, we considered switching to FBA, but we didn’t want to risk the erosion of our FedEx volume besides dealing with other FBA challenges. Then, our FedEx reps - Justice Powers and Dana Adams - told us about Cahoot, so we decided to check it out. With Cahoot, we’re able to meet the new SFP delivery requirements while retaining our FedEx volume. Thank you, Cahoot and FedEx!"

- Darren Somerville, CEO of Impact Battery


“We heard about Cahoot early in 2021, and we’re glad we did. Before Cahoot, we did a lot of regional and national SFP, but we didn’t know how we were going to handle Amazon’s new nationwide shipping requirements. Now that a lot of our faster-moving inventory is in the Cahoot network, we’re selling SFP nationwide on a level that we’ve never experienced before.”
-Lonnie Kauffman, CEO, Kauffman Orchards

 "Cahoot has amazing technology, sort of like FBA but without the hefty fees or restrictions. Besides supporting my 1-day and 2-day deliveries nationwide using cheaper ground shipping, I also use Cahoot’s software to print all the shipping labels without any human input which saves me time and money."

- Joel Frankel, Owner, Fames Chocolates 

"Cahoot is a game-changer. I’m instantly a multi-warehouse operation at no additional cost. Their fully automatic label generation intelligently assigns the shipping service for all my orders across all my channels. And I can create shipping labels through Buy Shipping for all my Amazon orders, not just SFP, giving me A-to-Z protection."

- Val Shimanov , Founder of Love Our Prices 

Fast & Easy Setup

Zero tech integration. Simply connect your carrier accounts and sales channels, and distribute inventory to the network. Go from signup to nationwide 1 & 2-day delivery in as little as two weeks!

Refer Customers in 4 Easy Steps

Identify your ideal customers

Confirm interest & submit lead form

Set up a joint intro call with Cahoot

Send customers' Webalytics report

Identify customers that meet characteristics and motivations described above

Talk to your customer and confirm their interest in Cahoot. Then submit the referral form below.

Schedule an intro call between you, the customer, and Cahoot. 

Please share the customer’s Zone, Transit, and Package Profile for the last 12 months.

How it Works

Merchants simply ship inventory to one or more warehouse locations in the Cahoot network. The Cahoot platform then automatically routes each order to the optimal shipping location where it's fulfilled the same day. 

It's that easy!

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How does the return process work? Do vendors always get their one product back?
Returns are sent to the customer warehouse. If the customer does not have a warehouse those returns are sent back to Cahoot for processing.

Regarding carriers, Cahoot does not control what return labels will be used by the end-customer as Amazon determines that for SFP orders and your customers decide what return label to use. 

Do your fulfillment partners fulfill on Sunday?
For now, we expect customers to use Cahoot from Monday to Saturday. We are working on adding Sunday as an option for the future

Is Cahoot for Amazon only?
No. Cahoot can fulfill orders from all sales channels including their own website and marketplaces outside Amazon.


Does Cahoot work with FedEx only?
Cahoot respects the customer’s choice of carriers and enables them to find the best service for their products. For example, many of our customers ship using a combination of FedEx Ground, One Rate, and USPS First Class Package.

Is Cahoot in the Perishable market?  
Our network is rapidly expanding. Perishables have their own set of requirements. Right now we do not support perishables.

Is there a product size limitation?
Cahoot supports products large and small as long as it ships using parcel service.